Independence Monument.


Oh, Uganda, my Pearl of Africa, so fair,

Upon your Independence Day, in the air,

I see your tears, they gleam like dew,

Tell me, my homeland, what troubles you?

Is it the pain of division that we bear?

Tribal rifts that seem too much to repair,

Let unity’s flame be your guiding light,

Together we stand, in strength unite.

Is it corruption’s shadow, cast far and wide?

A cancer that gnaws at our national pride,

Let justice and honesty cleanse our land,

For a brighter future, let’s make our stand.

Is it poverty’s grip, so relentless and tight?

Leaving so many in perpetual night,

Let’s strive for equality, lift one another,

In solidarity, we can build a brighter future.

Is it the voices stifled, the silenced cries?

Freedom of speech, under darkened skies,

Let’s champion the rights that we hold dear,

For in free expression, hope shall appear.

And as the rivers weep, and the forests sigh,

For environmental crimes, they testify,

Let’s protect our land, our waters, our skies,

Preserve our earth, where beauty lies.

Oh, Uganda, my Pearl of Africa, so brave,

Let this Independence Day be a wave,

To wash away sorrow, to heal and renew,

With hope in our hearts, we’ll make dreams come true.

For in your tears, I see resilience and grace,

A nation that yearns for a better place,

With unity, justice, and freedom’s embrace,

We’ll wipe away tears from your beloved face.

Composed and Written,

By Davis Buyondo

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