Jane Barekye, the State House Comptroller, and Charles Peter Mayiga, the Buganda Kingdom Premier, at the launch of the Zonal Skilling Industrial Hub in Masaka.

Uganda Boosts Skill Enhancement For Economic Prosperity Through Zonal Industrial Hub Projects

Watch Video: Buganda’s Premier (Katikiro) Charlse Peter Mayiga gracing the launch of Masaka Zonal Hu Project

By The Insight Post Uganda


Uganda is prioritising skill enhancement and economic prosperity with the implementation of Zonal Industrial Hub Projects across the country. 

In line with this commitment, the government of Uganda on Wednesday unveiled another Presidential Skilling Industrial Hub at Ndegeya village in Bugabira Parish, Masaka district.

These industrial hubs aim to provide free vocational training and empower the youth aged 18-35 from the greater Masaka sub-region and Masaka city, fostering job creation, and economic growth.

The project launched by Charles Peter Mayiga, the Buganda Kingdom Premier, commenced operations in February of this year. It serves as a dedicated centre for vocational training, catering to the needs of the youth within the nine districts comprising the greater Masaka sub-region and Masaka city.

By offering free vocational training programs, the hub aims to equip young individuals with valuable skills and knowledge required for employment and entrepreneurial ventures in various industries.

The primary objective of the Zonal Industrial Hub is to address the unemployment challenges faced by the youth in the East African country. 

Through comprehensive and practical vocational training, the hub empowers young Ugandans to develop marketable skills that align with the demands of the local and international job market.

By focusing on critical sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and services, the centre aims to provide relevant training opportunities that will enhance the employability and self-reliance of the youth, ultimately contributing to the overall economic prosperity of the region.

“I frequently highlight that opportunities manifest discreetly, demanding individuals to possess the perceptive abilities essential for their recognition,” says Mayiga.

Nevertheless, he cautioned leaders against undermining this initiative and instead urged them to collaborate harmoniously. 

The Premier emphasised that matters of development transcend ideological inclinations, religious beliefs, and even nationalities. To truly achieve progress, Mayiga maintains, one must exhibit astuteness in seizing the opportunities that present themselves.

Masaka Zonal Industrial Hub
Masaka Zonal Industrial Hub

The State House Comptroller, Jane Barekye, says the establishment of these projects aims to address youth unemployment and uplift the economic conditions of individuals who were unable to access formal education.

The ultimate goal is to transform Uganda into a middle-income economy by providing vocational skills such as tailoring, hairdressing, bricklaying, carpentry and joinery, craftsmanship, metal fabrication, food processing, bakery, and value addition.

Well, by imparting these skills, she adds, the initiative aims to enhance the quality of various products and bring about economic transformation. Upon successfully completing the training, students will receive a Level One Certificate of Uganda Vocational Qualifications, certified by the Directorate of Industrial Training under the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Furthermore, they will be provided with continued access to the skilling centre, particularly when they encounter income-generating opportunities. This ensures ongoing support and the potential for further skill development even after completing the initial training program

The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Masaka, Hudu Hussein, urged residents in the greater Masaka region to wholeheartedly embrace the skilling hub, emphasizing that it offers knowledge free of charge to all youth regardless of their political affiliation.

Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the Minister of State for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, called upon political leaders to fully embrace these initiatives and support their implementation.

“With the addition of the Masaka skilling hub, the total number of industrial hubs in Uganda now reaches 19, further expanding the reach and impact of these vital training centres’ he says.

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