TRAGEDY: Falling Wall Claims Lives Of Three Children In Uganda Amid Heavy Down Pour

By Insight Post Uganda


It’s a heartbreaking incident in Nakigalala village, Kajjansi Town Council, Wakiso District, Uganda, after three children lost their lives, Friday when a wall collapsed during heavy rainfall.

The victims, Daniel Sekatawa (3 years old), Grace Senabulya (18 months old), and two-month-old Hel Mary, were tragically killed in the incident.

According to Gorreti Nakyanzi, the mother of the deceased children, the tragic event occurred around 4 am while the family was inside their house.

The heavy downpour weakened the structure, causing the wall to collapse on the sleeping children. Despite Nakyanzi’s attempts to alert neighbours, the children were already lifeless when they were rescued from the rubble.

The locals quickly responded to the alarm, managing to rescue a fourth child who was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the trio could not be saved. The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, said the bodies of the deceased children were taken to Mulago Hospital morgue for a postmortem examination.

Police inspection concluded that the wall collapsed due to poor construction of the house. The walls were reportedly built using unbaked bricks, and the individual responsible for the construction lacked the necessary qualifications.

The incident highlights the great importance of adhering to construction standards and employing qualified personnel to ensure the safety of structures.

Wider Impact of Weather-Related Incidents

This tragic event is part of a larger pattern of weather-related incidents affecting the region. Nearly 10 children have lost their lives due to floods, collapsing walls, and house incidents, with some drowning while attempting to cross water channels.

Areas such as Kira, Namungoona, Nalukolongo, and Kireka Biira have witnessed multiple incidents, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive measures to mitigate the impact of extreme weather conditions on vulnerable communities.

However, the local community, devastated by the loss of young lives, is urging authorities to take immediate action to address the root causes of such incidents. Calls for improved infrastructure, stricter construction regulations, and increased awareness about the dangers of substandard construction practices are growing louder.

Meteorology Authority

According to the Uganda National Meteorological Authority’s November seasonal update, heightened rainfall is anticipated in 2023, with a particular emphasis on increased precipitation expected in the northwest extending to West Nile, Lake Victoria basin/central, Elgon region, southwest, and Lake Kyoga area.

The authority has warned Ugandans to take caution as enhanced rains are forecasted during this period. Already, floods have intensified and destroyed infrastructure such as roads and buildings mostly people’s houses.


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