Building under contention at Kame Valley Market.~2

Town Clerk Tasked to Investigate Illegally Constructed Building on Kamey Valley Market Land

Building under contention at Kame Valley Market
Building under contention at Kame Valley Market

Mukono Central Division leaders tasked the division town clerk to investigate the owner of the building illegally constructed on Kame valley market land. 

Leaders claim finding out that a commercial building of four apartments constructed on the market land about fifteen years ago has got no detailed particulars of ownership and how it ended up being constructed on the land.

The Division Chairperson Robert Peter Kabanda says his office learnt that since it was constructed, it has not been levied by tenderers contracted to collect taxes on behalf of the division nor pay ground fees to the division.

He notes that the ownership of the building is still unclear and occupants are not revealing proof of where they pay monthly rent fees.

The Central Division Speaker, Allan Mawanda says they are expecting the feedback from the town clerk within a period of 30 days.

Mawanda is suspicious that such individuals (building owners) running illegal businesses in unauthorized spaces deter the development of the community.

He notes that once the building owner is identified, shall be tasked to compensate the division or risk being sued before courts of law. 

The Insight Post has established that each apartment generates rent fees of Shillings 400, 000 every month.

The building caretaker, Peter Kayongo Mutumba but he also declined to reveal anything about the building saying he only reports to his bosses.

The Kame Valley Market Chairperson, Geoffrey Sserunjogi is not aware of the owner. He notes that some issues are too administrative for him to probe. 

He says his role is only ensuring that tenants on the building adhere to general rules, mainly those governing hygiene of the place.

Kamey valley markets lie approximately on 1.5 acre of land. Currently the market has a population of over 800 people working within on a daily basis.            

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