Teacher Caught Red Handed Defiling Primary Six Pupil

Moses Wejuli, a teacher at Bukalikha primary school in Masafu sub- Busia district is in trouble after being caught red handed defiling a primary six 15-year-old girl. 

The teacher was found by residents of Bumwenge village around 9:00 PM on Tuesday having sex with the teenager under a Mango tree near her parent’s home but managed to getaway. 

The teacher was half-naked with his clothes hanging on a mango tree. The victim’s father, Stephen Wafula, the LC 2 chairperson of Buhatuba parish, says that he heard someone calling his daughter’s name around 9:00 PM and she vanished from home shortly after supper, which prompted him to start searching for her.

He, however, says that he was shocked to find the teacher redhanded defiling the girl in the bush near his home.

Stephen Ojuku, the Bukalikha village Defense Secretary says that he received a phone call from the girl’s father and upon intervention, he found the teacher half-naked. 

Milton Ojambo, the headteacher of Bukalikha primary school confirms registering a complaint from the girl’s parents adding that they are yet to establish the facts of the case since the teacher didn’t report to school.

The implicated teacher couldn’t be reached to comment on the defilement allegations and his known mobile number was switched off

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    1. According to Uganda’s constitution a child is one below 18 years. Therefore having carnal knowledge with one commits a capital offence which is capital in nature.
      Ignorance of the law, is no defence.

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