Kiruthi and friends from Sweden.

By Ahmad Kavuma

A section of investors from United Kingdom lead by John Kiruthi and Muhammad Mwanje have encouraged Ugandans to support all the developmental projects installed in their respective areas than blocking them.

Friends of Kiruthi made their remarks at Katwadde Village in Nyendo Mukungwe Division while celebrating his 50 birthday. Kiruth held the celebration at his father’s home, Jamad Ssebowa, one of the National Resistance Movement top senior cadre in Greater Masaka.

John Kiruthi cutting together with children cutting the cake.

Some of the friends to Kiruth include Callum, Damien, Josh, Simon, Francis Mukabi and wife Lucy, John Mbiriri and wife Nancy, John Githae and wife Rose, Zakayo, Ian Clements, my children Shaddai, Jeddydah and Elyonnah. these appreciated the conducive environment Uganda plus the security atmosphere which allows people move from one boarder to another without facing any challenge.

Kiruthi's friends at the birthday party
Kiruthi’s friends at the birthday party

The team has encouraged Ugandans to use the peaceful environment to develop themselves as well as embracing all the projects installed in their areas.

Lameck Walakira, one of the community head told the gathering that John Kiruthi and his friends under their umbrella before visiting the area it was in sorry state as far as education, water and health is concerned but now days they are living a modified life since the once challenges were solved.

Walakira says that Kiruth does not segregate instead respect everyone in their capacity.  He has constructed houses for elders as well as latrine to save them from poor sanitation.

Jamad Ssebowa, the father of Kiruthi revealed that he had last seen his son before president Yoweri Museveni took over power. He kept praying to Allah until a few years back when he returned.

As a sign of appreciation to Allah, Ssebowa abandoned the habit of smoking cigarate. He further notes that since the return of his son. His wellbeing changed to better.

John Kiruthi and relatives posing for  a photo.
John Kiruthi and relatives posing for a photo.

Dr. Bulasio Kabugo who presided over the celebration as the chief guest applauded John for changing the health standards for the locals.

“By constructing for them a health centre where they can go and get almost free treatment saved them from travelling long distances to big hospitals in Masaka city.” Dr. Kabugo notes.

Over Seven Villages Received Clean Water

Journalists have established that seven villages in Nyendo-Mukungwe Division have so far received safe clean water. Kirithi’s friends from Sweden managed to construct for them seven boreholes.

Kiruthi told reporters that by the time he came back from abroad to his father’s home, he found a section of girls and old women moving long distances to fetch water and he decided to mobilize his good friends under their Umbrella SWEDUGA from Sweden to construct for them nice boreholes with clean safe water to solve the problem of water crisis.

According to him, the reason why some students perform poorly is just because they spend most of their time moving long distances to look for water instead of reading their books and this time round they will perform better compared to the last years.

John Kiruth's friends.
John Kiruth’s friends.

Locals say that they were drinking same water with animals which resulted into suffering from dangerous diseases. Locals are grateful for the good work done by SWEDUGA team.

Faith Nasanga, a resident from Kasaali village one of the beneficiary of the borehole project says that now days they can even bath like three times a day compared to the the previous days were people even feared to wash their clothes properly due to water crisis. 

Nasanga says that some parents were fearing to send their girls to distant place to fetch water just because they pass through bushy areas.

The celebration was attended by Masaka businessmen include Henry Mulinde, government officials such as  Col Kantinti  JS, Maj Charles Lubega, RISO Andrew Kandiho, Maj Tumukunde , senior NRM Cadre Ssalongo Julius Wamala officials from Mengo government and other officials.