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Residents Accuse City Tycoon Drake Lubega of Operating Illegal Stone Quarry

By The Insight Post.

Residents of Kiwugo Village in Nakisunga Sub County, Mukono District want tycoon, Drake Lubega to halt stone quarrying activities in their area following the destruction of their houses.

Residents are bitter that the stone quarrying activities have caused huge damage to their houses, animals, and plants, leaving them in poverty. The site operators use phased out rudimentary crushers to blast stones.

The activities are also disrupting classes at Rejoice Nursery and Primary School.

Daniel Mwesigwa, the School Director says that they are forced to suspend classes for some days in order to protect the pupils and teachers against flying stones and the noise from the quarry.  

Residents say blasts from the quarry damage their houses, causing a reduction in animal production, and forcing the majority of residents to flee from their homes.

Paul Mpungu, a resident says that the blasts force especially children to hide at school after classes. He also says that several women in the area have experienced a miscarriage over the explosions from the quarry.

“Quarries needs to continue to supply raw materials for construction, building and manufacturing. However, to sustain this development, both industry and government agencies must take responsibility for controlling its activities. In our area here (Nakisunga) quarry activities are not monitored.” Mpungu says.

 This website observed that released dust not only settles on land, plants and trees but also on water surface which has created various negative impacts on the ecosystem as a whole. Fertile soil is moved, but also at the site, excavation pits are left unfilled or abandoned.

This is not only unsightly but also poses danger to livestock, wildlife and people which requires balance between the economic importance of quarrying and its impact on the environment and biodiversity.

The ecosystem plays a major role in maintaining the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and the level of the Air Quality Index.

Maria Nalwoga, another resident says when blasts begin, they are forced to run away from home fearing being hit by flying stones that sometimes penetrate through the iron sheets.

She also says that several houses have developed huge cracks and others are on the verge of collapse over huge explosions from uncoordinated blasts from the quarry leaving occupants in fear.

Drake Lubega, the owner of the quarry refused to comment on the matter and referred our reporter to the quarry site manager, but he also declined to comment.

The Explosives Act Cap 298 regulates the use of explosives and blasting materials issued under the authority of an inspector of explosives taking into consideration safety measures especially when sites are located near residential areas.

The government empowered local council authorities to work with National Environment Management Authority and other authorities to handle all matters related to the establishment of stone quarries in their communities.

In our next episode, The Insight Post-Ug has scheduled various appointments starting from the community local leaders to understand their role in securing good co-existing environment between the quarry sites and residents.    

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