PURE-LOVE UGANDA Scandal: Child Trafficking, Its Implications And The Hunt For Proprietors

By The Insight Post Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Child sexual trafficking is a grave and heinous crime that continues to plague societies around the world. In Uganda, recent developments have shed light on a disturbing case involving an NGO proprietor, Isaac Nsamba, who is wanted for allegedly trafficking and sexually exploiting vulnerable children.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) South and Nateete Division have launched a manhunt for Nsamba, the proprietor of PURE-LOVE UGANDA, an NGO located in the Kitaka zone, Busega.

The Insight Post Uganda explores the details of the case, the impact on the victims, and potential solutions to address this pressing issue.


In October 2022, alarming reports emerged regarding the proprietor of PURE-LOVE UGANDA, an NGO established in 2015 with the noble mission of registering vulnerable children from across Uganda, sponsoring their education, and providing them with care and welfare, often through support from friends in America.

However, the dark side of this organisation came to light when allegations surfaced that Nsamba, its founder, was physically and sexually harassing young girls who were beneficiaries of the NGO with the alleged evil agenda.

The facts gathered by law enforcement agencies indicate that Nsamba Isaac allegedly subjected several children to physical and sexual abuse.

According to Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Spokesperson, one courageous female victim, whose identity remains protected, reported the abuse to a concerned citizen, who promptly alerted the police.

As a result, a total of nine children were rescued, comprising six males aged between 14 and 20, and three females aged between 15 and 18.

In light of these grave accusations, a collaborative inquiry has been initiated to examine the case involving Nsamba, the accused individual who is presently evading legal authorities.


PURE-LOVE UGANDA was initially established with good intentions, seeking to provide vulnerable children with educational opportunities and a better life. However, the allegations of child sexual trafficking and exploitation have cast a dark shadow over its mission.

The NGO’s registration in 2015 raised concerns about the effectiveness of regulatory mechanisms and oversight in Uganda.

Encouraging Victims to Come Forward

The police have urged any other potential victims who may still be in hiding or fear to come forward and share any information they have with the police. It is essential to create a safe environment for victims to speak out, ensuring that justice is served and the perpetrators are held accountable.

Child trafficking and sexual exploitation have devastating consequences on society, leaving victims traumatized and scarred for life. Law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and the community as a whole must unite to combat this abhorrent crime.

Possible Solutions

According to analysts and counsellors, Uganda needs to strengthen its regulatory frameworks for NGOs, ensuring that they are regularly monitored to prevent misuse of funds and resources. NGOs should be subject to stringent background checks before registration to prevent individuals with malicious intentions from exploiting vulnerable populations.

Awareness and Education: The government and NGOs should collaborate to raise awareness about child trafficking and sexual exploitation. Education campaigns should target both vulnerable communities and potential donors to NGOs to ensure that they are well informed about the organizations they support.

Victim Support Services: Establishing dedicated support services for victims of child trafficking is crucial. These services should include access to counselling, medical care, legal assistance, and vocational training to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Strengthen Law Enforcement: Authorities should work to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute child traffickers effectively. This includes training officers in handling sensitive cases involving child victims and improving collaboration with international law enforcement agencies.

Community Vigilance: Communities play a vital role in preventing child trafficking. Encouraging community members to be vigilant and report suspicious activities can help identify potential cases early and protect vulnerable children.


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