POLITICAL SMILE: Mukono Unveils Campaign To Restore Councilor’s Missing Teeth

-‘Kiyimba To Smile With All Teeth’ Initiative-

Fred Kiyimba
Fred Kiyimba, Mukono Central Division Councillor

By Insight Post Uganda


In a rather unusual and fascinating event, a fundraising campaign has been initiated to acquire dentures to replace missing teeth for Mukono Central Division councillor Fred Kiyimba.

Leaders in Mukono district have taken to various social media platforms to contribute towards this peculiar cause, aptly named ‘Kiyimba To Smile With All Teeth.’

This fundraising campaign was sparked by Councillor Kiyimba’s public lamentation over his missing teeth, which he claims led to insulting remarks from Betty Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament.

How did the initiative start?

The campaign commenced last weekend after Councillor Kiyimba posted an audio message on a WhatsApp group, where he accused Betty Nambooze of using derogatory language about his missing teeth.

In the audio message, he expressed his disappointment and claimed that Nambooze had referred to him using the Luganda word ‘amalibu’ whenever they disagreed on community matters.

“If it is my colleagues joking about my teeth gaps, it would be somewhat tolerable. But now, it’s coming from the honourable,” Kiyimba shared.

According to the councillor, when he was affiliated with Nambooze’s camp, he continued to have dental gaps, which only changed in this political term when they parted ways.

He expressed his surprise that despite being aware of his dental issues, Nambooze did not support him in acquiring the necessary teeth to complete his set.

Kiyimba further hinted at the possibility of revealing secrets about dubious political dealings, even involving the alleged ‘ending of life,’ orchestrated by the honourable MP.

Mike Ssegawa, Mukono Deputy Resident District Commissioner.
Mike Ssegawa, Mukono Deputy Resident District Commissioner.

Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mike Ssegawa, took it upon himself to initiate this campaign. He posted a message on the same WhatsApp group, urging members to contribute at least 1000 shillings each to help Councillor Kiyimba regain his smile with a full set of teeth.

Ssegawa highlighted that Kiyimba’s missing teeth might have led to experiences of bullying, stigma, low self-esteem, or even potential harm to his mental health.

Ssegawa further suggested that Councillors Phoebe Babirye and Ritah Nandyose, who are close to Kiyimba, act as treasurers for the fundraising cause.

So far, UGX390,000 have been contributed, and supporters have pledged an additional UGX410,000.

Nambooze reacts

In response to the campaign and the allegations made by Kiyimba, Betty Nambooze acknowledged that Kiyimba had once worked for her.

However, she vehemently denied any mistreatment and stated that he received his salary regularly during his time with her. Nambooze also dismissed Kiyimba’s threats to reveal secrets, claiming they were baseless and intended for blackmail.

Kiyimba’s Political Transition

It is important to note that Councillor Fred Kiyimba was one of the political aides to Betty Nambooze but chose to abandon her camp and join a rival group that dissented from her ideology and leadership style.


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