A panga and placard recovered by police

Panic as Panga Wielding Thugs Attack Masaka City Tycoon

By Ahmad Makula

Masaka City Tycoon Joseph Kisalu at Police, on the table is the panga and a placard recovered from his home.
Masaka City Tycoon Joseph Kisalu, the son to the Late William Kalumba at Police, on the table is the panga and a placard recovered from his home.

Tension is high among the Masaka business community following an attack on the city tycoon Joseph Kisalu’s home.

Kisalu, a real estate businessman and a son to the late William Kalumba, told police officers at Nyendo police station that thugs attacked his home but fortunately together with the family had not returned.

They found the maid at home who managed to hide before texting Kisalu to alert police. Police managed to reach home and scared the thugs away.

Police managed to recover a placard carrying a message ordering Kisalu to keep at home Shillings 3million they will return to pick in a period of two weeks or else risk being hacked.        

In the process of thugs running away, one dumped a brand new panga also recovered by police.

Kisalu is scared for his life together with the family. They are scared of even moving beyond the compound besides the wife being scared of waking up early in the morning to take children to school.    

This is not the first time such threats have been happening in Masaka. In August this year, unidentified thugs dropped anonymous letters threatening to attack residents and the UPDF mechanized bridged at Kasijagirwa.

Similar leaflets were thrown in the area around Masaka including the home of the former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi in Kizungu zone.

Thugs have always demanded money from their targets or else risk being killed.      

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