Nakitokota landing site at Katosi town council.

Murdered Fisherman’s Family, Residents Protest Delayed Investigation

By The Insight Post


Residents of Kizaala-Buganda village in Katosi town council, Mukono district, have joined the family of Fred Ntambi, a fisherman from Nakitokota landing site, who was brutally attacked and tortured to death by unknown assailants, in protesting the delayed investigations.

The incident took place on March 23 at Mbeya Islands, where Ntambi was carrying out his routine fishing activities on Lake Victoria. Despite receiving medical attention, he, unfortunately, succumbed to injuries soon after.

Ntambi, the murdered fisherman.
Ntambi, the murdered fisherman.

According to Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, they arrested four suspects including Yasin Kasirye, Jackson Ssebito (alias ‘Big Pig’), Ntale Ssekatono, and Abdul Lwanga in connection with Ntambi’s murder and they are being detained at Jinja road police station. 

Despite this, the grieving family and locals claim to have witnessed some efforts by the authorities within the police to bury the case and release the suspects through corrupt means.

All they want is swift justice for their loved one, urging the authorities to expedite the prosecution of the suspects.

However, the family’s frustration with the slow pace of the investigation is evident, particularly with the area police whom they accuse of being corrupt since the first day the case was filed.

“They say justice delayed is justice denied for the deceased and the suspects. So we calling for immediate action from the authorities to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous act are held accountable for their actions,” says Florence Namujju, the deceased’s sister.

According to Namujju, a resident of Kawempe Division in Kampala, her brother’s death left the family devastated, and they are now demanding swift action from the authorities to ensure that justice prevails.

They hope that the authorities will quickly bring those responsible for Ntambi’s murder to justice and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

The rising gang-related violence in Mukono’s fishing communities has once again been brought to the forefront following the persistent protests marred with an urgent call to action.

The residents hope that this will put an end to the violence that has claimed the lives of many innocent fishermen in the area.


It is only after petitioning Police Director of Crime Intelligence, AIGP Brigadier General Chris Sserunjogi Ddamulira on April 12 and subsequently raising the matter with the media, that Ntambi’s family efforts yielded results as four suspects were arrested.

Namujju, the lead complainant in this case, was informed that four suspects had been apprehended, but they have yet to be presented before the court.

Ntambi's elder son, he is out of school after the death of his father.
Ntambi’s elder son, he is out of school after the death of his father.

Instead, the OC CID of KMP East, Justus Twongirwe, and Katosi OC, John Tebamuleke, have been pressuring her to negotiate with the suspects at Ugx500,000.

“I am resolute in my pursuit of justice for my late brother and I have rejected any attempts at negotiation from the start,” she explains.

According to Onyango, they have appealed to the family members of the late Ntambi to remain calm since the matter is still under investigation and shortly suspects shall be aligned before court. 

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