Bishop James William Ssebaggala

Mukono Diocesan Bishop Ask Government to Stop Brutalizing Opposition Candidates

Mukono Diocesan Bishop James William Ssebaggala called upon the government to stop mistreating opposition leaders especially during this election season to ensure selection of good leader. 

Bishop Ssebaggala said during the Sunday  Church Choir Celebration Service at the Mukono Diocesan headquarters. 

He noted that  the government should set equal ground for all politicians, stop mistreatment targeting those especially at the opposition side whom they share differring political idealities. 

At the same time Bishop Ssebaggala advised politicians whether in the ruling party or at the opposition to do rallies giving consideration the Covid-19 preventive measures bearing in mind that the disease still exist. 

The Bishop appealed to Christians support choirs before requesting those with talents music, dance and drama to also join the movement.

Meanwhile, Ord. Disan Luwandagga of St’s Philip and Andrews cathedral Mukono noted that many people fear to join church choir since their hearts are enshrined in unforgiviness, hypocrisy and divisions which they must beseech to God help them drop. 

Ord. Luwandagga also encouraged singers to continue using their God given talent to lift his glory for they shall win a Holly crown.


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