Min Kasolo Spills Secrets of Buganda’s Pokino Family Fights

The name Musajjakaawa is literally translated as someone bold, strong and unintimidated but after the State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo spilling family secrets of Buddu Deputy Pokino Rose Nalubowa beating up her newly married husband Denis Musajjakaawa, the name has lost meaning before the community.

The shocking massages shared via whatsapp platforms pins Nalubowa for beating up the husband who is a property blocker during day and night. The scared husband says Nalubowa has now threatened to give him poison.

“Greetings to you honourable, I need you my friend to advise me for the wife wants to kill me in the house. Yours’ Musajjakaawa Denis the husband to the tragedy called Nalubowa Rose.” Musajjakaawa cries out saying everyone is scared of the woman who now days much bitter, abusing and severely beating.

It is totally disturbing when a man is the victim of domestic violence, much as it becomes painful, many remain silent since it triggers off negative emotions such as shame, remorse, and perhaps guilt too depending on the circumstances. Above all being disbelieved especially when the wife is half a man’s height and weight.  

In this case, Nalubowa who is a cultural leader, expected to respect the husband in all ways to serve as an example to the community. A woman known as a staunch believer also a member at the board of governors of St Bernard’s Manya, one the Masaka Diocesan’ founded schools.

Efforts for The Insight Post to speak to both Nalubowa and Kasolo who shared the massages through their official telephone lines for more explanation on the matter has remained futile since yesterday.

How Nalubowa and Musajjakaawa Got Married?

It is now coming to a year when the two; Nalubowa and Musajjakaawa got officially married. Their wedding almost hit the snug when the then Kyotera Chief Administrative Officer Fred Kalyesubula, the former husband to Nalubowa wanted the church to block their wedding.

It is hard for us to conclude whether the move was inspired by love since the two had work related hot battles. During his time as the Kyotera CAO, Nalubowa was the Chairperson for the District Service Commission. Kyotera became a daily talk for the commission recruiting new workers and the CAO cancel them claiming they did not meet standards.

The Insight Post is yet to confirm allegations that the wedding was pushed by the district political leaders who wanted Kalyesubula out of Kyotera. It is one of the said moves applied to psychologically torture him.


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