ASP Sam Twineamazima, the KMP-East CLO and Gerald Mutegeki, the CLO for Mukono Division adressing christians at Mt. Lebanon Church.

KMP CLO Guide Christian on Punishments Worthy Children

Christians at Mt. Lebanon Church during the second Sunday service.

The Community Laison Officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police East, ASP Sam Twineamazima has guided Christian parents on punishments worthy administering to children. 

Addressing Christians during a special Sunday service organized at Mt. Lebanon Church in Mukono Municipality under the theme of ‘Parenting and Child Dialogue’, Twine noted that the government does not forbid parents from punishing their children but the punishments should not include any nature of corporal ingredients. 

Mt. Lebanon Senior Pastor Samuel Lwandasa and wife Margret Lwandasa.
Mt. Lebanon Senior Pastor, Samuel Lwandasa and Margret Lwandasa.

Corporal ingredients involve among others flogging, severe beating, branding, mutilation, blinding and burning children using fire and liquid. 

He has however advised parents to always create conducive communication space to understand each other. According to him, you can’t expect children to do everything simply because you, as a parent, “say so.”

Children deserve explanations as much as adults do from them. Gerald Mutegeki, the CLO for Mukono Division says punishments remains uncalled for once families develop a disciplined environment guided by parents. 

“Discipline is necessary in every household. It helps children to choose acceptable behaviors and learn self-control. They test the limits you establish for them and they need them to grow into responsible adults.” Mutegeki notes. 

Pastor Margret Lwandasa and ASP Sam Twineamazima, the CLO-KMP, East.
Pastor Margret Lwandasa and ASP Sam Twineamazima, the CLO-KMP, East.

The Senior Pastor for Mt. Lebanon Church, Samuel Lwandasa, has beseeched Christians to create more time for children for a responsible generation. 

“If we don’t create time for our children. Children will begin to wonder about our values and motives and whether they have any basis. Parents who reason with their children allow them to understand and learn in a non-judgmental way.” Pastor Lwandasa says.

Lwandasa says children learn a lot about how to act by watching their parents. The younger they are; the more cues they take from you.

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