How Nakavubu’s Magical Hand Awarded Hajji Haruna Ssemakula Victory in Mukono

It is a norm in African setting to pay someone a visit under times of agony but also during ecstasy.

Yes, the same habit was copied by white people who also offer a note of congratulations. It typically returned to us to also share via social platforms or give a call over the same.

Congratulation during this error takes many forms. Sometimes, we shorten the word to simply, ‘Congrats!’ Other times, it may be more appropriate to pen a long, thorough message that showcases how proud you are.

Whatever the case—be it a finished marathon, a major promotion, a new baby, winning an election or even a small victory like pulling a grade up from baby class to top class writing a congratulations message is a fantastic way to express your feelings and give praise.

As long as you pay attention to the recipient’s milestone, your words of congratulations will let them know you truly care about their success.

Congratulatory massage is more worth by a person looking up to a similar victory, it gives chance for an extended hand for the next in line to achieve, share experience and tactics of making it to the top.

Only when victory lands to a proud man, that is only when he can attribute success to his hard working and ignore the pivot of attaining such victory.

Ask politicians struggling to climb higher ladders, it goes beyond sending a text massage but delivering it in person, it is a sign of seeking for favour and when a magical hand is stretched, victory is awarded.

The Insight Post has observed in Mukono district Margret Nakavubu the wolf ‘ekibe’ branded woman winning Margret Nalugo a dog ‘embwa’ branded woman in an election of NRM parliamentary party flag bearers.

When romours of Hajji Haruna Ssemakula sending her a congratulatory massage emerged, the magical hand was stretched for him to win Andrew Ssenyonga with 42,897 votes against 9, 678.       

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