How Kalungu found hope in Ssemakula’s School, Church and Social initiatives

KALUNGU: After almost 13 years, are the people in Kalungu turning on the other side of the Iowa? Struggling and fighting for a better life, better roads and other social services within the area, the residents from the Bukomansimbi boarder to the main Masaka – Kampala highway.

All modern roads pass besides the iconic district, leaving the rest of the areas within Kalungu not easily accessible, seemingly rural with limited access to basic amenities.

With the invigoration of fighting for something greater than oneself, with certainty that he would be on the right side of societal development, Ismael Ssemakula, one of the people born and raised in the District has chosen to jet in, start fighting to ensure that social amenities are highly improved within Kalungu District.

A son to Hajji Muhamood Mirundi, one of the elders within the area, Ssemakula is fighting hard to uplift society working within community initiatives like the rehabilitation of schools, churches and the provision of clean and safe water for the people within the area.

Access to water, health facilities and schools has been one of the greatest challenges people within Kalungu face with residents trekking distances of not less than a kilo meter to find such services. Neither local initiatives had yielded nor had the current leaders shown optimism to immediately have such institutions in place.

However, Ssemakula, an advocate of the high court and a real estate developer in Kampala has already invested in the construction of boreholes within the different parishes to enable resident’s access clean and safe water.

On Saturday, a Ugx 47 million classroom block donated by Ssemakula to the administration of Kabukunge Secondary School was initiated and currently under construction. Other schools such as Kabungo Church of Uganda primary school remains under construction until April this year by the same person.

A Ugx 50 millio Kiwaawo Moslem Primary school classroom block is also complete, delivered by Ismael Ssemakula. The work moves along with the construction of more than seven Boreholes within the different parishes in the area, leaving residents with access to clean and safe water.

The initiation of the construction and renovation of classroom blocks at Ibn Masoud primary school in Kyamuliibwa sub county which is also still ongoing has left many of the parents within the area reenergized to further mobilize resources and take many of their children to school.

Katongole Musa, one of the residents in the area told this website that; “You now find the energy to take your children to school if at any point the institution changes face for the better. We must educate our children in such good schools.”

With a donation of Ugx 4 million to assist in the completion of the roofing of the Reverend’s House at Kabungo Church of Uganda and the 100 bags of cement donated to Kyamuliibwa Catholic Parish to complete construction works at the church according to a local leader who asked not to be named leaves a mark of bipartisan engagements that illustrate leadership and the quest for further development of Kalungu by Ssemakula.

“Many of our Saccos and Development groups have been supported by Ssemakula. He is also working with the Reverend to ensure that a house is built at Misenyi, Kyamuliibwa to further have the Christians access the man of God in a better place. That is demonstration of leadership,” says Nsubuga Muzafaru, one of the leaders in Kalungu.

In a bid to ensure that good governance is done, the Ssemakula purchased two acres of land at Ugx 20 million to enable Kyamuliibwa Sub County have permanent headquarters and plan for further administration. This is on top of the different play grounds the business man has bought to ensure co circular activities and promotion of talent within the area.

Eriya Mbalaala, the chairperson of Kyamuliibwa Sub County says the new premises that will be constructed on a two acre piece of land in Kiwaawu will help stop holding council meetings in classrooms as it has been.

“I was elected and the sub county has renting. I thank Mr Ismael Ssemakula for supporting our quest with the Ugx 20 million land purchase. Now, we request all people to support our quest to build the headquarters,” he said.

The Lawyer also offered Ugx 32 million for the purchase of land for Kalungu Town Council. This moved along with Ugx 15 million offered for the purchase of a playground in the area. Remegio Gasaka, the LC2 chairperson for the area remains confident such works will further help society from the ever increasing social havoc among the young people.

For history and experience tell that; people do not always do things to get a trophy. For Ssemakula is isa to be fighting for other people. “But every time I come to understand that we always care for something bigger. That is society development,” says one of the priests in Kalungu who asked for anonymity.

Ssemakula, in an interview with this website said, communities such as that of Kalungu where he comes from need such humane acts that would propel society into maneuvering and triumphing for further development.

“I am fighting for the millions of the voiceless who cannot afford basic services and are struggling with cynical compromises for lesser good. This, invigorates me.” Ssemakula said.

Professional Background

1 – Bachelors in Social Sciences with a bias in Politics and Administration (Makerere University)

2 – Bachelor of Laws Degree (Makerere University)

3 – Diploma in Legal Practice (Law Development Center, Makerere)

4 – Master of Laws (LLM) majoring in Natural Resources Law and Policy (United States – USA)

He currently serves as an Advocate of the High Court in Uganda and all other courts subordinate thereto.

He is also a real estates developer in Kampala.

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