Micdad Mulirimira

Former Mukono Municipality Mayoral Candidate on Run for Assaulting Police Officers

The Former Mukono municipality mayoral race candidate, Micdad Mulimira is on the run for assaulting police officers.

Police officers headed by the acting Officer in Charge-OC of Mukono Central Taxi Park Police Post, Yokison Mbogo had arrested Mulimira on court orders for failure to pay his rent arrears. 

Mukono Grade I Magistrate, Peace Elizabeth Lamunu on September 8, issued an order to arrest Mulimira for failure to pay rent arrears amounting to Shillings 10 million to Charles Jjingo. 

Mbogo notes that they had managed to arrest Mulamira but when they told him to remove the shoes before sitting down, he pretended to adhere to the orders and in the process jumped out of the police post room and ran away. 

In the process he pushed down the police officer to create space for him to escape. Our efforts to talk to Mulamira about the matter are still unsuccessful after his known telephone lines are off.

Jjingo, the landlord, filed a civil suit against Mulimira in 2019 for failure to pay rent fees for a period of twenty months each at Shilling 500, 000. Mulimira rented a building of four rooms where he runs a vocational institute. 

On September 4, 2020, court found Mulimira guilty and ordered him to pay the rent arrears or risk imprisonment. 

Records before court specifically the written feedback by Mulimira on the small claims form pleaded guilty to the claims indicating that he got some financial setbacks which prevented him from remitting the required funds. 

Jjingo, the plantiff also reveals that much as he does not intend to charge his tenant for the period the country spent in covid-19 lockdown, he should pay off the rent arrears. 

Micdad Mulamira is known for contesting for the position of Mukono Municipality mayor as an independent candidate after losing the National Resistance Movement Flag to Dr. Daisy Ssonko.     

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