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FOOD BIODIVERSITY: Chefs Unite In Brussels To Shape The Future Of Sustainable Dining

Slow food Chefs
Slow food Chefs

-Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance Gathers European Culinary Leaders To Showcase Diversity

By Insight Post Uganda

Brussels, Belgium

Renowned chefs from the Slow Food Cooks Alliance, hailing from Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Germany, and Belgium, are set to gather in Brussels from November 26 to 29.

This four-day event aims to foster collaboration, share culinary experiences, and chart the course for a more sustainable future within the realms of canteens and restaurants.

The Slow Food Cooks Alliance is a global network committed to championing food biodiversity, educating consumers, and advocating for a sustainable food system. The participating chefs, known for their diverse backgrounds and culinary styles, unite under a common mission: to ignite a movement for sustainable kitchens.

This movement encompasses the preservation of territories, biodiversity, and quality products, as well as addressing issues such as waste reduction, recycling, combating climate change, and fostering social solidarity.

The exchange program in Brussels will provide a platform for chefs to exchange ideas, share best practices, and immerse themselves in local culinary landscapes.  

Through this, they aim to raise awareness within the restaurant industry about the challenges faced by small-scale farmers and food artisans working to protect food biodiversity and sustain fragile environments.

The agenda includes a series of events and workshops covering crucial topics such as fish transformation, breadmaking, food fermentation, and addressing food waste.  

Notably, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, an open network spanning the entire coffee value chain, will be a focal point.  Participants, ranging from coffee growers to consumers, will collaborate towards a vision of good, clean, and fair coffee for all.

Collaborating with the Nourrir l’Avenir cooperative, the chefs will delve into the challenges and opportunities for restaurants and canteens to reshape the food system and influence consumer food habits.

Highlighting the cultural exchange, a collaborative dinner is scheduled for November 28th at Garage à Manger. Thirteen chefs from six European countries will craft a six-course meal, offering attendees a taste of diverse culinary traditions. This dinner will also serve as an opportunity for participants to delve deeper into the philosophy of Slow Food and the Cooks’ Alliance in Belgium.

Importantly, the proceeds from this collaborative dinner will contribute to supporting the initiatives of Slow Food in Belgium, furthering the organization’s mission to promote sustainable and locally sourced food.

This four-day exchange is made possible through the financial support of the European Union within the LIFE program.

List of European/ Invited Cooks

Greece: Jotta Polychronidou, Thessaloniki

Germany: Katharina Bäcker, the Beet Root, Frankfurt

Spain: Vanesa Bustos, Valencia

Italy: Bartolo Calderone, Capperi, Bordeaux

France: Philippe Enee, Joey Enee & Françoise Auvray, Nourrir l’Avenir

Belgium: Georges Athanassopoulos, Màloma

Belgium: Rodolph De Geynst

Belgium: Damien Bouchery, Bouchery

Belgium: Grégoire Gillard, Barge

Belgium: Sophie & Marie Marconi, Chabrol

Belgium: Ugo Federico & Francesco Curie, Racines

Belgium: Benjamin Rauwel, Ivresse & Le Dillens

Belgium: Denis Delchampe, Le Tournant

Belgium: Diamantis Kalogerinis, La Buvette

Belgium: France Cardonnel & Sarah El Mountain, Mazette


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