Fatal Confrontation: Potato Garden Affair Ends In Cold-Blooded Murder

By Insight Post Uganda


A shocking and tragic incident occurred in Jenga village of Kitgum district after an enraged son pounced on his mother’s lover and beat him to death.

Siliman Ochira, a young man, is now on the run as the police launch a serious manhunt following the alleged murder of Ben Ocakacon, a 54-year-old man who was romantically involved with his mother, Aloch Filder.

The incident occurred on Tuesday around 9 pm in a potato garden near the victims’ home. Ochira reportedly stumbled upon his mother and Ocakacon engaged in an intimate affair in a potato garden, sending him into a fit of rage.

Eyewitnesses claim that Ochira confronted the pair and, without warning, began assaulting Ocakacon with a combination of punches and strikes from a large stick.

The attack was described as relentless, with Ocakacon displaying a level of anger that was both shocking and premeditated. 

The blows were so severe that Ben succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The assailant callously abandoned the lifeless body in the very garden where the tragic incident occurred.

However, the Aswa East regional and Kitgum district territorial police swiftly launched a manhunt for Ochira following the discovery of the crime.

SCP Enanga Fred, a spokesperson for the police, condemned the act, emphasizing the need to address instances of elderly abuse by children. Efforts are underway to trace the suspect and bring him to justice for the brutal murder.


In the aftermath of the incident, the body of the victim was transported to Kitgum General Hospital for a post-mortem examination. 

The results of the examination will contribute valuable information to the ongoing investigation. Subsequently, the body was handed over to the grieving relatives to make funeral arrangements for Ocakacon.

Community Reaction

The Jenga village community is reeling from the shock of this heinous crime. Many residents express a mix of disbelief and sorrow over the tragic end of a complex love affair. 

The incident has sparked conversations within the community about the importance of addressing domestic disputes and conflicts more peacefully and constructively.

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