Enhancing Medical Education: The Need For Training Hospitals In Medical Schools

By Abel Kawere 


The Head of Private Medical Schools and Chairperson of the National Medical Schools Quality Assurance Committee, Dr. John Wakida has advised medical institutes to build training hospitals in their schools to enable students to do comprehensive training.

According to him, the increment of medical schools within the country has led to the overwhelming numbers of medical students but the training facilities remain limited. 

Wakida made remarks during the celebration of St. Francis Day at St. Francis School of Health Sciences in Namataba, Mukono district today. 

“Establishing facilities at our easy shall help the country produce quality medical officers who can professionally and confidently address health challenges in our communities.” He emphasized. 

Kiwanuka Bbosa, the dedicated Principal of St. Francis School Health Professionals Institute in Namataba, revealed a bold and transformative initiative. With unwavering determination, the institution has embarked on a groundbreaking journey of constructing a hospital within its very grounds.

This ambitious undertaking was not merely an architectural endeavour; it was a solution to a persistent challenge of providing students with ample practical training opportunities.

Under Bbosa’s stewardship, the institution is turning aspirations into tangible structures, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and ushering in a new era of hands-on learning and medical excellence.

Rev. Fr. Father John Chrysostom Sserwanda from Namagunga Parish who led the mass today urged students to avoid sexual acts that may land them in trouble and mess up their education. 

“Please stay on track with your studies and avoid distractions from romantic relationships or financial temptations. Remember, your parents invest a great deal of money in your education, and they deserve to see you succeed,” Sserwadda noted.

Sserwadda also applauded the institute’s administration for their dedication and prudent management of funds since the institute’s inception. 


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