Deadly Devotion: Kenya Cultists Starve To Death In Pursuit Of Jesus’ Encounter

By The Insight Post


It is a tragic end for four cult members of the Good News International Church in Kenya who were instructed by their leader to starve themselves to death so they could “meet Jesus.”

The Kenyan police announced Saturday that they have arrested Makenzie Nthenge, the cult leader, who reportedly ordered his followers to go without for weeks, resulting in the death of four individuals.

The tragic incident has raised concerns about the dangers of cults and their potential to manipulate vulnerable individuals.

According to authorities, Nthenge convinced his followers that they would be rewarded with a divine encounter with Jesus if they fasted for an extended period.

The four individuals, yet to be identified, were part of the group that followed their leader’s instructions, abstaining from food for several weeks until they succumbed to starvation.

Their bodies were discovered in a secluded area in Kenya, prompting an investigation by law enforcement officials. The cult leader has been taken into custody, and charges are expected to be filed against him in the coming days.

After a manhunt was initiated, the cult leader surrendered to authorities, resulting in his arrest.

On Friday, eleven other followers between 17 to 49 years old were rescued in the Shakahola forest near Malindi, but three of them were hospitalized in critical condition.

It has been confirmed by Charles Kamau, the chief investigator of Malindi sub-county, that the cult leader has been taken into custody and expected to appear in court on Monday.

The report mentioned that among the eleven individuals, seven were men and four were women who were rescued and taken to the hospital.

However, the hospital offered them medicine and food to revive them but nine of them left the hospital over faith-based reasons.


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