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Club One: A Spot for Local Prostitutes, Single Mothers Hunting for Survival

A Quest for a Better Hangout in Mukono

Video: Moon G Performing in Club One

Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival, a line in Martha Gellhorn’s book, ‘Travels With Myself and Another’ best describing the categories of revelers flocking ‘Club One’ a famous thrill of Mukono District located along Kampala-Jinja highway in the art of the Central Division within Mukono Municipality.        

The place is among the meeting point that managed to persist the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic lockdown at the time when everyone thought it would close after its owner Ronald Bogeere fainted in broad day light over debts.

However, with the new twist in the president’s stringent measures, the club stood back to its feet and already attracting a big populace entering the basement of Sombe building without charges yet.

Guess where female revelers come from, hideouts for sex workers of Wantoni, Kikooza, Ngandu which get empty starting from 11pm. These are joined by especially single mothers mainly those who do roadside food vending during the evening hours.

It is no longer surprising walking along the streets of Mukono town and meet female food vendors dressed in party pantaloons, applied color, texture, and protection cosmetics to the lips at the same time carrying charcoal stoves an indicator of no returning home after work.   

This better describes a loud odor in the entire hall where strobe lights flash across the dance floor, rotating to the counter and in a surprise manner into the two small rooms treated as VIP sections.

Here all sorts of men of big bellies to none make a search around from the positioned ladies, to dance and squeeze is easy on condition that a man accepts to buy a bottle of beer.

Getting the pursuit for money complete, ladies ensure giving serious lap dance to men slanting against the bar seats while others on the poles within the club. Those putting on miniskirts select dark corners to ensure pure groping to stimulate fantasy.

At the time of sexual fantasy, men are pushed aside and forced to buy more beer or pay for extra moment. In the same manner, men who fear such types of dance in what seems to be public but desire to feel the thrill of the night, opts for bargaining a take away, either home or surrounding lodge.

Besides, the survival hunts by wanting ladies, the club offers reduction on prices (bucket) of beer on Sunday and Wednesday.   

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