Buganda NRM Youths league endorsing Museveni yesterday

Buganda Youths Reject Muhoozi Project, Endorses Museveni for 2026

Buganda youth league led by Ibrahim Kitatta handles over their petition to Mr Nichloas Niwagaba the NRM national youth coordinator
Buganda youth league led by Ibrahim Kitatta handles over their petition to Mr Nichloas Niwagaba the NRM national youth coordinator

By Wilson Kamukono

The National Resistance Movement Buganda Youth League on Monday petitioned President Yoweri Museveni to stand again in the year 2026.

In their petition, youths indicated that Museveni still has unfinished tasks ahead including the East African integration and oil projects, besides always responding to their queries.

Ibrahim Kitatta, the Chairperson for Buganda National Resistance Movement (NRM) league notes that Museveni’s generation has come with resilience and vast experience in management.

He believes Museveni can head other East African leaders to a borderless region that will result in economic integration and transformation.

“We are petitioning the president because he is silent about his coming back since winning the election in 2021 yet many people are making projective statements which have made us reawaken our voices as NRM youth,”

Augustine Bukululu, the Kyotera NRM Youth Chairperson says it’s only Museveni who can ensure the achievement of the oil refinery project.

 “Oil resources are a game changer economically, that’s why we need competent leaders like President Museveni who will face whoever is sabotaging the oil project and have it delivered,” he says.

He also notes that it is only Museveni who can safeguard the visions of 1986 revolution such as freedom of speech, democracy, security of all persons, prosperity.

Also Gonzaga Mutesasira from Lwengo advises whoever is interested in leading NRM to avoid premature ambitions which might disturb their achieved unity and efforts of service delivery.

 “President Museveni is tested enough to lead this country into a transformed economy with peace and security, therefore no need for others to create any kind of sabotage,”

Buganda youths league
Buganda youths league

Meanwhile, Nicholas Niwagaba, the Chairperson of Western league charged with coordinating the petitions countrywide from youth urging the president to stand in 2026 promised delivering the Buganda youth petition to the president.  

“We have already mobilized one million signatures of youth urging the president to stand because of unfinished tasks but our target is seven million signatures,” He notes.   

On October 2, during the celebrations of the belated Mitooma District Youth Day at Bubangizi secondary school playground, youths also endorsed President Museveni as their candidate in 2026.

The function was also attended by the Vice President Maj Gen Jessica Alupo, Internal affairs Minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, Defense Minister Vincent Ssempijja, and Constitution Affairs Minister, Nobert Mao who equally signed a letter of support for President Yoweri Museveni’s re-election bid in 2026.

Museveni, 78, has ruled since 1986. In 2026, he will be 82 years old. Perhaps the clearest indication that Museveni will run again in 2026.

Justice Minister Norbert Mao told youths in Mitooma that the president assigned him the task of organizing a consensus for transition in Uganda starting in 2031.

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